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Winery Background

The Sangrias are produced in the Los Llanos Winery in Valdepeñas, Castilla la Mancha. This winery produces high-level wines, combining the best of modern technology and Old-World style. It also has one of the biggest underground caves in Spain, excavated about 36 feet down into solid rock. Because of how deeply set in the earth it is, the temperature stays steady at 62oF with 75% humidity even when outdoor temperatures routinely pass 100oF in the summer. The cave covers about 2.5 acres, and has the capacity to hold 30,000 oak barrels.



Valdepeñas is one of the driest regions of Spain. It gets less than eight inches of rain per year with no underground water table on which to fall back. The vines are bush trained and very short so their energy can be focused on producing first-rate grapes. Because of the long hot and dry summer, harvest is generally early - usually in August. The vineyards are planted at 600 vines per acre, which produces 11,000 pounds of fruit per acre. Small production and dry hot summer weather produce high quality, highly concentrated fruit.


Production Process

Clarification and stabilization of red wine, with the addition of aromas, water, citric acid and sugar. Ingredients are mixed in stainless steel tanks by stirring. Carbonation is added to the “Sparkling Sangria”. Analytic control. Tangential filtration. Pasteurization. Bottling. Microbiological are used as controls for the bottled product.


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